Radji Tolentino

Radji Tolentino


About Radji Tolentino

The character of a person does not just appear one day – it is nurtured from birth. With Radji, it started when he was born into an American Navy family in the Philippines. From there, his family moved to California, Japan and then Hawaii.

As an adult, Radji graduated from the University of Hawaii School of Law, worked as an Oahu judge’s clerk, was a public defender on Maui, co-owned a computer company in Nashville, and then returned to Oahu to take care of his mother and get his real estate license. With all the traveling, meeting new people, learning from schools or through experience, creating new adventures and working hard for what he believed in, Radji is perfect for the real estate challenges of his clients. He enjoys meeting and working with people, likes to problem-solve, and feels he can provide happier outcomes for all.

The entrepreneurial experience in Tennessee was an easy transition to being an independent contractor with Island, REALTORS®. Working his own hours makes it easier for clients to get his full attention and service. Radji knows how to prioritize and use his time wisely. Keeping fit and in shape is also important to Radji. He surfs to get exercise and uses each wave to remember the challenges, experiences and teachings which brings him closer to assist clients with their sale or purchase.

He is committed to providing the best real estate service for family, friends and clients every day. One thing that drew Radji to Island, REALTORS® is that he and the company share the same philosophies – working as a team, everyone willing to help each other, and doing whatever it takes to complete a transaction for their clients. The atmosphere in the office is like a family sharing, cooperating, and working harmoniously together. Radji feels Island, REALTORS® is his greatest asset.